Job & Intercultural App to access the EU Blue Card

Application system for accessing the EU Blue Card that is the residence permit for skilled migrants which allows them to enter the EU. The App includes a section dedicated to information on the tool and its advantages with reference to the obligations to be respected, deadlines and renewals, etc.. By clicking on the EU country concerned, it is possible to access the section dedicated to the procedures in place for the issuance of the Blue Card, authorities, offices, documents and practices. An appendix including vacancies, that is to say job proposals/announcements, with a description of the professional profiles and qualifications, presented by companies/employers and/or by other bodies dealing with the work inclusion of migrants and/or employment services is provided. This section includes additional services such as online advice, language and administrative support to handle requests, including acknowledgement of diplomas and qualifications, information on services, empowerment actions and psychological support, civic and language training webinars.

Handbook on Trainings of intercultural and socio-emotional Skills
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Training Curriculum on intercultural and socio-emotional Skills of migrants’ employers
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Inclusive Laboratories for the development of migrants’ key skills
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Guidelines of the EU Blue Card Procedures
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Job & Intercultural App to access the EU Blue card
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