Intercultural lab for migrants’ inclusion

The migratory phenomenon is one of the most important challenges of our societies. In order to create an equal and healthy Migration System Management, it needs that people who legally live in EU have the possibility to contribute to the well-being, prosperity and cohesion of societies.

General goal of INTERC.Lab project is to contribute to the development of a common European system for the management of the work inclusion of third-country migrant legally residing in the EU, and to the development of the European culture of hospitality and solidarity, through the construction and experimentation of educational and intercultural practices, addressed to EU employers and migrants, in line with the Erasmus + 2021 priorities, with the objectives of the Pact on Migration, with the SDGs of the Agenda 2030 (reduction of inequalities, recognition of human rights) and with the objectives of NEXT Generation UE.

In particular, the cooperation partnership intends to achieve the following objectives:- to increase the opportunities of migrants to be included in the labour market- identify and describe in a Handbook the paths and methods for the development of intercultural skills by employers of migrants- develop the intercultural skills of EU employers, through the creation of curricula adapted to the needs identified and tailor-made- develop the key and professional skills of migrants, through laboratories for work inclusion- implement and disseminate the use of the EU Blue Card, through the production of Guidelines on the procedures for issuing and using the Card, which is strategic to promote regular entry of migrants and attract skilled labor needed for the EU labor market- increase the ability of employers and migrants to have access and use the EU Blue Card, through the construction and use of the Job & Intercultural App