Best practices and soft skills for migrant integration: a week of training in Matera for Erasmus+ InterClab european project partners

In an increasingly diverse Europe, the integration of migrants has become a key challenge for social cohesion and shared progress. In this context, the Erasmus+ InterClab project, which aims at structuring effective integration practices through the development of key competences of migrants and intercultural competences of employers, held a joint staff training event at the headquarters of lead partner Studio Risorse in Matera from the 19th to the 24th of June.

The training activity is carried out through operational confrontation in the activities covered by the work plan agreed between the various European partners, with the aim of transferring, developing and implementing innovative actions to modernise and renew knowledge transfer systems.

Specifically, during the training days, the team - consisting of the training organisation Studio Risorse, the innovative SME and research Center iInformatica, the Greek company Ison Psychometrica, the Spanish association Innetica and the vocational training centres Academia Formação do Norte and VHS , based in Portugal and Germany respectively - trained and directly tested different ways to develop and apply innovative and gamification-oriented teaching methods for the transfer of intercultural and socio-emotional skills of employers and key and professional skills of migrants.

A week-long training to develop and share best practices through the diverse and transversal skills of the team members. "These moments offer a unique opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and best practices, thus promoting a common and supportive approach to the integration of migrants," said Maria Santarcangelo, Project Manager at Studio Risorse. "Transnational cooperation during training moments such as this allows us to confront and overcome common challenges and adopt synergistic and functional approaches," confirms Antonio Ruoto, Creative Director of the iInformatica research Center.

An important opportunity to learn from others and share experiences, creating an environment of mutual learning and enrichment.


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