INTERC.Lab is an international collaboration of 6 partners form 5 EU Member States, representing organizations specialized in vocational and educational training

Studio Risorse

Studio Risorse S.r.l., set up in 1998, operates in the field of Vocational Training and Organizational and Business Consulting, following a logic of constant improvement and complete customer orientation. The company aims to satisfy the requirements of businesses, young people trying to enter the employment market or that are unemployed, women and other groups at risk of exclusion from the labour market. The staff has an experience of several years in the field of management of European Social funds and it also has a high level of competence in the field of Vocational Training and Business Consulting. Studio Risorse considers integrated and well-balanced project development as an essential tool to ensure the Growth and Development of a Territory. Hence promote public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a tool to support and realize projects based on an interregional and/or transnational cooperation, setting up and taking part in Networks at regional, National and European level with the objective of comparing, exchanging and experimenting new methodological, organizational, training, educational and internationalization models.


iInformatica S.r.l. is an Innovative SME founded in 2014 with headquarters in Trapani, Matera, Catania and Naples. The company has always stand by the side of entrepreneurs and companies who believe in the power of innovation; its three main business branches deal with: research, design and prototyping of embedded devices and new materials; research, design, consulting, software development and training for business innovation; research, design and development of innovative communication strategies.Research, development and technological innovation activity characterizes every company areas, in line with the requirements of the Innovative SME.The research activities conducted over the years, which concern the various business areas, have led to the achievement of as many as 19 industrial patents (16 patents for industrial invention and 3 patents for utility model) granted. The company has written and still writes various scientific publications in journals and conferences on new materials (e.g. CNT), devices, methods and systems in the chemical, humanities and engineering sciences.


Ison Psychometrica exists since 1991 and was the first organisation to provide training and scientific career orientation service in Greece. It is a knowledge-intensive SME, with strong international activity. It specializes in: the construction, validation, standardization, computerization, publication and use of team and individual behaviour & performance diagnostic tools, with emphasis in psychometric tests, career counselling for adolescents, students, NEETs and mature unemployed, conducting trainings relevant to its expertize, including soft skills development and entrepreneurship, and participation in EC funded programs aiming at the enhancement of employability and social inclusion.


Academia Formação do Norte is a training school created in 2011, certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and labor Relations, based in the city of Porto that promotes training actions for youngers and adults, companies in several areas, providing the trainees with the necessary skills to better adapt to organizations and to the labor market, mainly in the sector of Health, Beauty & Wellness, Environment, ICT, languages and initial pedagogical training for trainers We are a caring organization with a personal and friendly approach which also offer training courses for youngers and adult active people, unemployed persons and also companies in partnership with Job center or trough tailor-made training, technical Support and promotion of business start-ups, technological innovation and new forms of business activity related with the sectors of Health, Beauty & Wellness, promotion of activities and projects related with social responsibility for the community in areas like personal and beauty care, sustainable lifestyles and others. Over the years, Academia Formação Norte has established itself as a reliable, professional, and trustworthy project partner who values the community, its students and business partner’s needs and expectations. The added value is the network of our stakeholders that allows us to work with public or private organizations like institute of employment and vocational training in Portugal, Municipalities, Job Centre, cooperatives, associations, schools, universities, and others.


Founded in 2009, INNETICA is a non-profit association (NGO) whose mission is to promote cooperation between entities across Europe to promote European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union. Its mission is to promote social innovation projects and develop educational projects and teaching activities. INNETICA aims to promote sustainable development through initiatives to protect the environment, promote the European Cultural Heritage and integration of migrants. INNETICA associates university entities, public bodies, companies, and training centres of different countries, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute their ideas and experiences for the change and improvement of European societies. To fulfil all these purposes, develop various activities, for example, The organization of conferences and meetings at national and European levels in education, training, culture, research and social innovation. Conduct dissemination campaigns on the results of the projects carried out by the Association. Creation and development of content, applications and digital services devoted to the areas mentioned in different languages.


The Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. is a registered, non-profit adult education institution in Bavaria, Germany. It has extensive experience in organising and delivering quality education and vocational training for different target groups, in developing methods for open educational resources and in programmes to promote individual employability, career development and professional realisation.VHS Cham also has long experience in developing courses for migrants and refugees with a focus on language in order to support their sustainable integration in both private and professional life.In addition, VHS Cham offers numerous courses in the areas of society, profession, languages, health, culture and special courses (second-chance schools).