Inclusive Laboratories for the Development of Migrants'Key Skills

The result meets the migrants‟ NEEDs to develop key and professional skills. The activity includes the building up of a workshop of physical, virtual and interpersonal skills (CLab), which through an interdisciplinary approach and models of socialisation of experiences fosters integration and develops knowledge. The CLab is both a physical and a virtual space, where the migrant will attend a 6-month training course which will be divided into theory and practice for the development of the following skills:

  1. language skills
  2. civic skills
  3. IT and digital skills
  4. personal (intra/interpersonal) skills of self-esteem and empowerment
  5. professional and social skills

Handbook on Trainings of intercultural and socio-emotional Skills
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Training Curriculum on intercultural and socio-emotional Skills of migrants’ employers
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Inclusive Laboratories for the development of migrants’ key skills
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Guidelines of the EU Blue Card Procedures
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Job & Intercultural App to access the EU Blue card
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